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Western Somerset Local Action Group

Western Somerset LEADER 2020 is a  business focused investment programme available in Western Somerset from 2015-2020. 
It can support projects that help businesses to diversify and develop; community and village projects for sustainable tourism and local services; develop and promote local products; increase awareness and use of the natural landscape for residents and visitors.

What is the point of the Local Action Group?
To be a voice for the Western Somerset area and its communities for the LEADER Programme to 2020. It is a group that will guide how the money available should be used and also help to start projects, support them and develop new ideas.

The Local Action Group has a vital role to make sure that current issues, needs and ideas are known about, so at Local Actio Group (LAG) meetings there will be the chance to do just that. We need your formal commitment to the LAG to keep you involved - by signing up you are only offering input from your group or section of the community. We want as broad a representation as possible for Western Somerset to move this forward effectively.

The money that is available needs to be managed and made open to projects that are solutions to existing issues or needs or that will help Western Somerset become more environmentally aware and raise its profile.  The ultimate aim is to improve the local economy and provide new job opportunities.

Wider LAG events will provide the opportunity to discuss project ideas, network and find ways to get involved with projects that are already being developed. It is your chance to get involved.

How will you be kept informed?
Wider LAG events will be held approximately every 6 months. In between these, updates will be sent out be email about once every three months. You will also be sent a summary of what happened at the events and any actions that will be taking place as a result.

The website will be updated regularly and contains documents and information about the Local Action Programme and Western Somerset generally. This is intended to help project applicants and provide background information on projects, monitoring and targets.

How can I get involved ?
We are looking for people to get involved and lead on projects but equally there may be projects that need extra help or input that you could help with.

We will be looking at setting up working groups and there may be a specific area of interest that you would like to become involved in.

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