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We are awaiting the decision on funding - if successful the programme will be open from the beginning of June 2015.

Who can apply?
Community groups, businesses or organisations that are properly constituted, have a bank account and ideally have some proven experience in financial and project management. The project must lie within or have a direct impact on the rural communities within the defined Western Somerset area.

What sort of projects are the Local Action Group looking for?
A project just be able to demonstrate an economic benefit for the area in terms of growth or creation of jobs.

Projects will be expected to fit the themes, objectives and priorities outlined in the Development Strategy.

Above all, the Local Action Group recognises that it has a limited budget and so it is looking for multi-objective projects that are DISTINCTIVE, INNOVATIVE, demonstrate WIDE PARTNERSHIP WORKING, represent GOOD VALUE FOR MONEY and those which leave a LASTING LEGACY to the Western Somerset area.

How much money can I apply for?
The minimum grant is £2,500 and the maximum is £100,000. 

To receive a grant of over £10,000 you must also fit into one of our local priorities which are:

  •           Forestry and Farming                              •       Creative Industries

•         Young People                                          •      Natural Environment
•         Food and Drink                                        •       Tourism
•         Heritage

How much match funding do I need?
Applicants will be expected to find 60% of their funding from other sources.

Is there anything that we can't apply for funding for?
There are some items of expenditure that are not allowable under the funding guidelines.

When will I get the money?
Payment is made quarterly, in arrears; receipted invoices must be attached as proof that expenditure has actually taken place.  No cash payments will be accepted.

You should  ensure that you have enough working capital to ensure delivery of the 3 months of work as a minimum. Workshops will be held to assist you with this process.

Where has the funding come from?

The funding comes from the European Union and Central Government sources.

What is the Local Action Group Executive Committee?
The Local Action Group (LAG) elected a decision making body to develop the Western Somerset Local Development Strategy, to make decisions on funding and to steer the programme. Membership includes the public sector, representatives of private businesses and community representatives.

How does the Local Action Group Executive decide who will get funding?
The Local Action Group Executive will be looking for projects which meet the eligibility criteria and deliver the priorities set out in the Local Development Strategy. All applications go through an appraisal process based on these priorities.

There will be a two stage process - projects will be invited to submit an Outline Application and if this appears to fit with the Programme criteria then submission of a Full Application will be invited.

How can you be sure there won't be a conflict of interest from the Local Action Group members?
All Local Action Group (LAG) Executive members have to declare whether they have an interest in any project and comply with the Conflicts of Interest Policy.

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact the Programme Manager.

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